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Do you know what the 3H Crew has in common with 40 other classes from Brazil, Myanmar, Canada, Russia, England, Taiwan, and 14 US States? We are participants in the 2015 Global Monster Project! Each class had to submit a description of one part or accessory for the 2015 monster. Our contribution was the nose ring: 5” wide oval-shaped hoop, neon green with blue polka dots and rust; a spider, ghost, skull & crossbones hanging down. Now that all of the monster parts have been described, it is up to each of the participating classes to build the entire monster. We decided to create a 3D monster, so it takes a lot of measuring, planning, problem solving, cooperating, and team work to make it happen. Right now our room is full of recycled materials that hopefully soon will resemble a monster! Check back soon to see the monster come to life!

File_000 (1)

Great minds at work figuring out how to make a 3D triangle monster head!

File_002 (1)

Putting the plan into action!


Building a monster involves a great deal of measuring and problem solving!


We learned that what we call a ladybug, others call ladybird!


Our poor monster is going to need some acne medicine because his body will be covered with all of these pink pimples!

File_003File_006 (1)

More monster math…The monster has 11 feet, each foot has 3 toes. How many toes in all? It takes team work to make 33 toes!

6 thoughts on “Global Monster Project

  1. Wow, that’s A LOT of toes!!! What a fun project! I don’t ever remember doing anything this cool in 3rd grade. I wish I was in Ms. Halbert’s class.

  2. Hello Monster Makers! What a wonderful feeling it must be to have so many other students vote for Bobby Wasabi! There were so very many great creations again this year. I congratulate you all on your hard work and sticking to the design.

    Terry at Monster Central

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