The Last 3H Crew…

What a wonderful way to end my teaching career…
The last morning of the last day with the last 3H Crew.
A scrapbook filled with 3rd grade memories…
Fun and memorable times with the 3H Crew.
Messages from students both present and past!
There was even a farewell parade for the 5th graders and teachers who were leaving Tatem.
Beautiful flowers made this teacher feel very special!
Lots of good wishes from students, parents, and colleagues!
I leave my teaching career with many wonderful memories from my first classes in Tabernacle, NJ, my wonderful classes at Hamilton Elementary in Virginia, and of course all of the amazing 3H Crews in Haddonfield, NJ. Thank you one and all for your support over the years: parents sharing their children with me; colleagues inspiring me; and global partners helping me transport my students beyond the walls of our classroom. Teaching has been a grand adventure, and now I am ready to see what new adventures are ahead of me!

Girls on the Run

Three members of the 3H Crew joined the Girls on the Run team have been working very hard over the last few months. Their goal was two-fold, community service and training together in order to complete a 5K run in Philadelphia.


The community service project the girls chose was to inform students and staff exactly what items should be recycled and placed in our recycle cans in the school. The girls made posters and gave presentations to classes here in Tatem. Through their work, we will all take better care of our planet by not sending items that could be recycled to the landfill.

After training together, the Tatem Girls on the Run group successfully completed a 5K run in Philadelphia. Words cannot describe how proud I am of the three 3H Crew members who made a goal, worked hard, and achieved what they set out to do. They are an inspiration!

Tatem’s Girls on the Run Club was run by Ms. Wojtowicz and Ms. Talian.

Personal Narratives

The 3H Crew have been honing their writing skills and have written personal narratives. We hope that you enjoy these small moment stories!
The Adventure into the Fort
By Tuesday

Levi and I found a mysterious hill in the unusual woods and I yelled, “Let’s make a fort!”

Levi screamed, “YES!” He questioned what would it look like ? So I explained what it would look like. Meanwhile, we started getting things.

I got sticks and I sniffed in the air I got a big whiff and it smelled like fresh wood just cut. Levi got some stones and accidentally dropped one of the stones it went BOOM!It made me jump.

We ran to get more things Thump!, Thump!, and Thump!

We started building Levi and I got the sticks I got and began we put a stick on two trees to canat and I got another large ,bump,scratch ,and rough stick to hang across two big raged trees, We ask for a big green razzled tip tarp to put on top of the rough large sticks.

As time went me and Levi found things and put them in the fort .

One thing we found was a large, tree trunk brown colored, cylinder shape . That we made with squishy moss that was as soft as a dog’s fluffy tail. Another one is two large, heavy, hard as a metal and we used it for a set of tables and chairs. And we got hangers, string, and scissors .

We run to get a good view. Cranch !, cranh!, and cranch! With a good grin on my face I opened my mouth like I was trying to bite a juicy ,sweet as candy ,good, fresh apple. Cranch! Cranch, and cranch! That was a day I liked !

The Lion King
By Josie

‘’I’m so excited!’’I said in a excited voice. As we walked into the audience.I was as happy as a lion found something to eat.The play started as I jumped with excitement.

‘’Hum,mada,’’ these dancers appeared ‘’ What are they doing?’’ I said in a confused voice,there dancers my mom said in a soft voice.

‘Zip,zip’ the dancers were now waving streamers up in the air! It went right in my face!

‘Thomp, thomp, pow!’ I looked behind me and there was a big elephant walking on stage made out of paper, I’ve never seen anything like it, the elephant was as big as a classroom!

My mom smiled. ‘’Is it over?’’ Soon I saw the dancers take a bow. ‘’It’s over’’ a person in the audience said in a loud voice.

Later on I walked out of the building and into Philadelphia, Soon I heard a loud sound ‘’ What ?’’ I said in a confused voice …

There stood the dancers with big smiles on their faces and they gave me a hi five I thought what character did I just hi fived I thought , and thought ‘’ It was Zumba! ’’ ‘’ I just hi fived Zumba!’’ We kept walking to the car and drove out of Philadelphia and into to Haddonfield. That was a day I will never forget.
First Day of Gymnastics
By Olivia F

“Mom” I yelled from upstairs we are going to be late for gymnastics. When we got there were girls walking on their hands and rolling and flipping. It was awesome.

“Wow,’’ I whispered to myself.

“I want to know how to do that when I’m older”

My mom walked me to my coach and she said “have fun”.

“I will ” we went to the floor I learned how to do a full down split it hurt for a while then you got used to it now for me it doesn’t hurt.We also learned how to do cartwheels and hand stands

Next we went to the beam we did cart wheels and much more. Next we went to the bars we did flips and back flips and chin up pull overs.

Afterwards we did trampoline we did tuck jumps and flips and rolls and handstands . I did it hooray .

“Mom” I said.

“Yes” she replied

“Can we go back”



It was as cool as seeing girls walking on they’re hands.

When we got home we went out to lunch that was the best day of my life.

Tasty Whale
By Tommy

Tap,tap,tap as I walked down the damp street asking why we need to eat there.

Afterwards we were in the restaurant. I stared at the menu for a long,long time because there were so many good sounding things!

The waiter came a few minutes later and we ordered our mouth watering food that sounded so good.

Twenty minutes later the food came but it wasn’t as good as it looked. I still ate it though.

After the waiter left my dad saw on the menu whale, and suggested it to Harry, Ted, and I if we wanted it. We all said “Yes!”to dad.

Two minutes later the waiter came back to check on us and we asked, “Can we please have some whale?”

Ten minutes later the whale was put in front of my dad. First dad ate it, then Harry,Ted, then me. It looked wet at first but then my dad told me it is marinade. So, I put it in my mouth, and started chewing. It was the best thing I ever tasted even know it was as if it was a soggy day!

After we finished all our food, we got the check and walked out the door.Then we shouted “Wow, that was good whale and I know I will eat whale again.” We walked back to the hotel after that.

At the Beach
By Jack

I arrived at the beach at last I plant my feet out the sand feels like walking on clouds.We sprinted out like wolves fighting for meat my mom says, “Wait, we need to put our stuff down.”

I sigh we set all our stuff down and I charged for the water with my dad and I splash the water is everywhere “.I yelled ,this is awesome”!

Afterwards, I walk as far as I can in the waves I slip in the water I struggle to get out of the water I get up I keep going until I got up and leave.I build a sand castle my brother Bobby

We go back in the water.We pick up soggy seaweed we sneakily trip trop through the sand and throw the seaweed at my parents and are parents scream and we crack up.My mom yelled, “Why did you do that.”

Me and my brother found a pit so we jumped in it.We kept doing it we even tried to build a ramp to jump over and we did over and over again until we almost fainted.We built another sand castle but we built a base and my brother went to find shells.Meanwhile I how ever went to get seaweed and we finish.I went to go in the water I soon realized that there was a jellyfish.I saw two girls using a shovel to pick it up the jellyfish.They questioned, “What should we do.”

Then I got back in the water to have fun then as my 5th step I see a horseshoe crab.I let a scream of terror! I jump out of the water.I run to my parents they say “it’s time to go home”

I think in my mind that this day can’t be replaced.

Tavistock camping:smores!
By Aidan. H

Stomp! Went my feet as my friend Will and I rocketed to the Tavistock Country Club bonfire.

Once Will and I got there… We saw that the s’mores ingredients were not there! We slowly grew more pale and hungry.

Finally Will and I got annoyed and walked over to the man who brought the s’mores’ ingredients and moaned quite rudely, “when are the s’mores coming out?” “After the movie,” he responded. So Will and I waited longer and walked away…
Later that night, Will and I raced to the bonfire and guess what… the s’mores were out! We raced to the table but just then, an enormous mob of people came out of nowhere and raced to the table and started talking so loudly that are eardrums were hurting! Then the man who brought the s’mores yelled over the din, “you can get your s’mores after the girl in the front of the line gets her’s!”

After waiting in line Will and I then got our s’mores and raced to the bonfire near us, and then roasted our s’mores for about 2 minutes, and then sat down on a stack of hay. I next took a bite of my s’more, I could taste the marshmallow which was covered with rich,creamy chocolate which seemed to dispense cream, sugar, and magic, which was all under 2 graham crackers which seemed to whisper in my ear,”eat me…”

Will and I had about three s’mores before getting full like a guy who just drank 5 gallons of coke.

Afterwards, a man who was playing guitar transitioned to a man who was a daredevil! He had grabbed wooden bars out of his bag, lit them on fire, and juggled them! I was astonished and hypnotised at the same time! But then, he dropped the bars! The flame went out.

“Awesome!” I thought to myself. The man then told about himself. He said he was from the theater and recently they had been performing Aesop’s Fables. He said that he was going to perform 2 of them. He also brought animal hats as costumes.

One Aesop fable was about a fox trying to get grapes off a tree but failed, and the second one was about a mouse who got bored of country life and went to the city with his brother. The man was very explicit with both of the stories.

I then had to go to the bathroom worse than a man who just drank 10 gallons of water!
After going to the bathroom it was pitch black outside. As Will and I were walking back to the tent, I felt a chill down my spine like something was wrong, but then I remembered, I was just hungry! Will and I then raced back to the tent and scrambled into the tent faster than a cheetah to a gazelle.

Will and I then scarfed down the snacks inside of the tent like nothing. I took a bite out of swedish fish, it tasted like a fruit bomb in my mouth!

Afterwards my dad helped me get on wi-fi so Will and I could watch a movie. We then covered ourselves with blankets so comfy that they forced us to lay down on our pillows.

After a while the light in the tent was out and Will and I were watching scooby-doo in the dark, but it was so creepy it sent a chill down my spine and it felt as if something was watching me. We then fell asleep, but we fell asleep knowing we would come back again.
A View of a Lifetime
By Will

Clink ,clank, clink , clank! I was walking on light and dark brown granite floors.Bing! Metal doors opened. I walked in slowly, the metal doors shut, and we started moving.’’How do these elevators move so fast?” I asked.

“I don’t know, Bud,” My dad replied.Bing the metal doors opened again. I walked out slowly, as I was walking I told my dad, “Thanks for taking me here.”

“I just wanted to spend more time with you,” my dad told me. Finally I was at the edge,I could hear cars beeping and honking.I could smell the pizza below us .I was only sad about one thing, I couldn’t see the Empire State Building because I was on top of it. The view was amazing! I could see cars that looked like toys, humans that looked like ants.

“This is amazing!” I screamed . It was as exhilarating as an elephant stampede! I felt like a giant Ahhhhh,” I said in a relaxed voice.

In about three minutes my dad sadly said, “It’s time to go.” I walked to the elavater.Bing the metal doors opened, and more people rushed out to see a veiw of a life time.

Huge Fish
By Tom

It was one summer day and my dad and I went fishing. My dad was having most of the luck, so I was sure to pick the best slime worm.

So I cast my bright orange and green bober into the green murky pond water.

Then all of a sudden bam! My bober spun and spun.The bobber went all the way under. My rod bent like a stick about to snap.

I looked at my dad. I had a look on my face my eyes were so big my heart was pounding my dad knew. I was thinking what if the line broke what if the line broke.

My dad was excited for me because he saw the huge fish. I could tell the fish was a blue catfish, because he had a bluish top and a brownish top and a stomach as white as a marshmallow. I screamed’’ get the net get the net! I said in a demanded loud voice.

But all of a sudden I heard something wrong big big I started to get nerves.Big big the line started to snap! BAM it sounded if a volcano erupted the line broke. I was having mixed emotions I was mad that the line broke but relieved that the tiring fight was over. I was determined to catch him next time.
Lacrosse Hurts
By: Olivia M.

Fffff as I ran down the field. “Pivate!” as I yelled in my head. My girl couldn’t keep up with me. “Great job!” my Mom yelled in a happy voice. As the crowd shouted, I scored! The whistle blew loudly through the breezy wind, through the blueberry sky.

Afterwards we started a new play I did the draw. I felt the ball go into my stick and I passed to Molly.
Molly passed back to me I got the ball. As I looked up, I saw a scrunched up face looking at me.
I feel a lacrosse stick touching me. All the sudden, I saw a lacrosse stick going back and forth really fast… WHACK suddenly I got hit in the head with a lacrosse stick!

Meanwhile we had 4 minutes left in the game,number 55 got a yellow card. Number 55 had to sit out for 2 minutes. They had no subs, so I was open for 2 minutes. So I double teamed with some people,double teaming was hard but I did my best. I double teamed with whoever got the ball, I scored a lot.

As time went when the girl got in, we had 1 minute left in the game. So she didn’t have a lot of time to win, we were winning!!!! There was no way they win in one minute. The coach shouted “WE CAN WIN THIS!!!!”

At last we had 5 seconds left in the game 5,4,3,2, and 1. BOOM the horn blew “ We won, hurray!!!” said the team.

At the end of the game we say good game. Number 55 skipped me when we were saying good game. After that we got a drink a sweet red drink, we got salty pretzels. Crunch as I ate, even though I got hit in the head with a lacrosse stick I worked well.
By Madison

Pitter patter I heard as our sandals met the hard, flat concrete, eventually I asked “What should we ride next?” With my eyes squinting in the blinding, summer sun light.

“I don’t know,” she responded “Mom can we go to the main area?” she asked with a smile on her face.

“Sure!” said cindy (kaylee’s mom) answered.

When we got to the main area we saw a dippin dots stand “Mom, Kaylee, Cindy,” I asked “can we get some dippin dots?” My ears rang with the words sure, of course, and yay!

“Slurp,smack, munch, crunch, sip, gurgle, YUM!” I herd as kaylee chomped on her dippin dots and siped on her lemonade.

“Chomp, slurp, munch, crunch, DONE!” I yelled when I finished my dippin dots and my bright, pink lemonade. All of the sudden I saw a billboard that said sky screamer “look at that,” I said to Kaylee

“What the sky screamer, there’s no way I’m going on that with you, it looks way too scary,”

Kaylee’s mom talked kaylee into going over there but we didn’t make her go on it because when we got over there she was shaking like a maraca.

When we got on the ride we started to spin I noticed it was nothing to scream about, there was an amazing view! When the ride was over I said to myself “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”
Our Monster
By Jack M.

One sunny day, my class and I were walking back from lunch. As we walked through the hall smelling cafeteria pizza catering spread through the hallway about are monster we built for the Global Monster Project. Our teacher Ms.Halbert has been attaching the parts together while we had lunch. We approached the classroom door with excitement. When we went in the classroom I couldn’t believe my eyes! By the couch standing there was our monster!

“Wow!” I said excitedly.

“Look at the triangle head!” shouted my Global Monster Project partner, Aidan.

Our 3 headed, 3 armed, 11 legged, 33 toed, tie dye eared, rainbow winged, snake necked, pimpled orange bodied, dimen belted, and his pet blue bat Jerry. 2 weeks of glueing, cutting, and painting we finished. We worked as a rock. We would have to win the Global Monster Project.

A few weeks later, the votes were in for the best monster. We were about to see the winner. I was closing my eyes and crossing my fingers hoping we would win. The winner is our monster Bobby Wasabi with 127 votes! We won! Winning in the Global Monster Project was one of the most proud thing the 3H Crew ever accomplished!
The Rides at the Waterpark!
By Dylan

“I’m bored,” I complained to my mom as I jumped on the couch.

“Hmmmm,” my Mom was thinking. “Oh I have an idea!” my Mom said excitedly!
“Do you want to go to the……….WATERPARK?!” my Mom said excitedly!

“YES, YES, YES!” I said happily!

“Ok how about you get your bathing-suit on?!” my Mom replied.

“Sounds great,” I replied as I walked up the stairs to get my bathing-suit on.

Afterwards I called my cousins and asked if they wanted to come while my Mom was making the lunches and getting the towels ready for the Waterpark.

They all said “YES YES YES!” very excitedly.

Then we picked up my cousins and went straight to the Waterpark!

I was so excited, I was ready to blast off on the rides at the Waterpark!

Once we got to the Waterpark we all went straight to the Family Ride because that is our favorite ride of all! The Family Ride is a ride where 5 people can got on the Waterslide at once.
We were all screaming and shouting with excitement! Water was splashing everywhere!

After we got off we went to the Surf ride! The surf ride is a ride where you get to go surfing on this ramp (like a skateboard ramp)with water on it. It was so fun, We had a blast! After that we went on the scariest\coolest ride ever! It was the…..Pitch…dark…RIDE! This was super scary for me because it was my first time on it! If you don’t know what the pitch dark ride is it is a ride where 1-2 people can go on it and it’s pitch dark inside! The funny thing is I kept going backwards! First it started slow then it went really FAST I was so scared I thought I was going to fall off! My teeth started chattering.

After all those rides we went to go eat pizza! Once I got my pizza it smelled, looked, and even tasted so cheesey. The cheese kept falling off the pizza and covered the plate!

After we were done eating my Mom said sadly:”It’s time to go home,”

“Can we stay here a little bit longer pleeeeeease ,” I complained to my Mom.

“We will come back another time,” My Mom said excitedly.

“Ok,” I said excitedly.

Even though we had to leave the Waterpark we still knew we will never forget that wonderful time at Wildwood Waterpark.
My First Rollercoaster
By Molly

“Hurry !” I screamed as I waited in line . I asked my dad “what’s taking the line so long?”

“I don’t no.” We were finally second in line to go on the ride ! It happened chhhhh the bar went down ! I was as happy as a clam! Finally we started going up the hill cold breeze wind blew in my face . I though what was after this all I heard was ch ch ch ch going up the hill. We rapidly went down the hill and then we went through a dark cave

My dad in a frightened voice said “ I wonder what’s next?”Shaking .

I also said in a frightened voice and shaking “Me to!”Then it happened we rapidly went around and around and around until … we rapidly flung out of the cave and twisted and turned twerling and then I excitedly said “is it over yet?”

“Nop”! My dad sadly said . The wind blew in my face and the ride stopped ,the bars went up chhhhh

I said excitingly “ can we go again, can we go again?”

“Of course we can!” So my dad and I raced to the line and we went on again and again and again.

An Amusement Park Adventure
By Sammy

“Yah!” Brody, Sawyer, and I shouted when we just started my favorite golf course in the world on a cool afternoon. My family and I were getting ready for golfing, it was almost my turn and on third shot … “Boom!” I got it in the hole on my first time golfing on that course.

Eventually Sawyer and I went to go play and and explore the golf course and we started by doing tons of cartwheels all over the place. Next we were playing and noticed that there was a great waterfall before us. Then Sawyer said shocked “You could get hurt if you fell off of that!”After Sawyer and I made echoes in the golf tunnels and that was very fun!

Then it was my turn again and a few other times and I did really good, in fact I did as good as a clown doing it’s job. We saw the final scores and Brody won.

Afterwards I ask Mom demanding “Can we get some icey’s at the food stand please?!”

“Ok fine!” said my Mom kindly.

“Yah!” we all shouted.

It tasted like a swirly cold popsicle covered in ice blueberry flavor, It was the best icey I ever had!

After a little while it was time to go so we went to the car and drove away from the adventures of Blackbeard’s Cave. That was a day we would never forget I thought happily in the car.
Fennec Fox
By Hope

‘’It’s such a hot day!’’ I groaned as we walked around the car to the zoo. Then we heard a squirt,squirt went the water park next door.

‘’Lucky.’’ Jude said panting (Jude is my little brother.) We wanted to see all the animals but most of all the really cute ones.

Afterwards we walked around to all the animals like the peacock that was as white as a wedding gown.
little gray monkeys that looked like mozart a composer that swung from tree to tree over a mirky clay lake. We laughed and laughed until we stumbled upon a huge metal gate with a lot of room. ‘’What do you think that is?’’ My mom said looking at me with a confused look. I inspected the odd,tan,fluffy,furball sleeping inside the cage letting the sun warm it up. It hit me!

‘’A Fennec Fox!!’’ I froze with excitement. My mom threw a rock at the cage to wake the little thing up. It slowly stood up with a happy expression. It had creamy tan fur with enormous pointy ears and bushy tale. It was smaller than a regular fox and had a smaller snout than a regular fox. It was as cute as a button. So kawaii! It was adorable and it looked at us with loving eyes and was very quiet. The sun made the Fennec Fox’s fur shine. The patting of the Fennec Fox’s paws were soft and quiet as it came closer and closer to us.

Then before you know it it was time to go.’’What did you think of the Fennec Fox?’’ My mom said smiling. She was as happy as a clam.

‘’Awesome!’’ My brother and I at the same time drawing and drawing a Fennec Fox in our notebooks.

When we arrived home we hopped out of our car like a bunny. Thump! And I thought that that would be a memory we would never forget.
Meeting my baby brother
By Riahna

As I walked through the hospital hallway, I thought what is my baby brother going to look like is he going to look like me is he not going to look like me?I got in the elevator and went up to the floor that my brother was on 2 minutes later I was at the room. I sall my dad and he said…

Hi I will show you wear your baby brother is then I saw him he was so cute cuter than a newborn puppy I asked to hold him and they said yes so I held him for a while then my dad said…

It is almost time for him to take a nap and eat.

So I just wanted there while he took a nap and eat after that I held him for the second time after a while he got cranky so they tried to put him down for a nap so I to eat in the food court downstairs near the lobby when I went back up he still was not asleep so I played Go Fish with my dad after we played my dad found out that he was just hungry so I let him eat a little more then I held for 5 more minutes.

It is almost time to go said my dad in a said voce:(

So I got my stuff together and said goodbye to my grandma to all of my aunts that were there I said goodbye to my mom, my dad, and of course I said good bye my baby brother.

Right before I left I asked if I could come back another day and my dad said…

Yes you can come back!

Meeting my baby brother will be a time that I would never forget.
By Kai

I was walking down the south rim trail at the Grand Canyon when my sister let out a warcry and stepped on my foot. I stumbled on to the rocky trail floor and said, “OOOFT!!”. Quickly, I flipped over on to my back and jumped up.

“Why did you do that you tomato head?!” I vociferated angrily, with my fists clenched. She giggled and skipped ahead, with her arms flailing around. The trail that my family and I were walking on was surrounded by these grey-ish monochromatic rocks, and every once-in-awhile there were these little steel signs on or next to a rock that said how old they were. Usually they were 5-850 million years old, but a couple of rocks had steel signs that said they were more than one billion years old.

Literally right after my sister skipped ahead of me, I smelled a menacing stench. “Ulgh, what is that terrible smell????” I said confusedly. “Hopefully it goes away,” I thought. But guess what happened next!! It got stinkier!

Before that I had been speed walking, almost jogging, but I slowed down to a steady walk so I could locate the horrific smell… After a minute or two of not finding any evidence of a smell, I saw this big bend up ahead, so I figured it was probably coming from around the bend.

I knew I was right because when I was about to curve the bend the smell was unbearable, so unbearable that I was only breathing out of my mouth. When I rounded the bend, my heart started to race, and a chill went down my spine…

There was at least 3 dozen ELK!!!! I guessed I was in a state of shock because I didn’t move, breathe, or think for a couple of seconds. Suddenly I felt a cold hand on my shirt, and I let out a shrill scream of pure terror!!! I jerked around to find my mom, dad, sister, and aunt all either staring at me or the agitated herd of elk behind me.

“Uh… Mom… I don’t really think that we can… Uh… get any where… Um… Close to these… Um… Reindeer…” I mumbled blankly. The elk had made me freeze so I couldn’t remember their species name, plus I had said so many “Um”s, I probably had set a world record.

“Uilgahuh–” My mom started, but my sister interrupted. “To avoid the elk,” she elbowed me, “we can travel by foot on the road towards hermit rest stop!”

So that’s how we spent the next 5 minutes walking east towards the road, and about half an hour walking on the road to the Hermit rest stop. When we got to the rest area, I was stumbling instead of walking, it was after all, a 12 mile hike. My family and I spent about 4 minutes on a wooden bench until finally a little white bus vroomed up to us, and we stumbled on…

THAT was a day that I will never forget!!!!! (at least not for a few years)
The view of the Grand Canyon
By Adam

Crunch,crunch,crunch went the rocks as I stepped up off the shuttle., “This isn’t going to be so hard,”I thought to myself. I looked very closely and looked down and it was so so very deep!
It was moonwhole deep!!! I asked my mom do I have to go down?

Do you want to stay up here for an hour? She said meanly.

I replied no sadly as I kept getting more and more nauseous each time I looked.

As I was walking I smelled this ridiculous stench.And I looked down and saw this dark green thing and it looked like grass I asked what was that thing?

My mom told me it was mule poop!

I whispered , “it’s fine because the stench went away after five or ten minutes.

A bit later I saw this person who was bleeding for some reason. I asked him why he was in so much pain? However he complained, “ uuuhhhh”, “I was running and I fell on some rocks.”He blurted! He asked for a band-aid and apparently we had some so we would definitely give him one.So we did. And they were on there way.

Eventually we had reached the end. There were humongous pile of rocks that could be formed into a boulder.And obviously my mom wanted to take pictures.I blurted! And that was the day I will never forget.
The Man of War
By Otto

Sand was flying as a cool warm breeze went by. As I was walking, I finally found the perfect spot on the beach where the waves were splashing and the seagulls were squawking. My brother tripped on a big rock and said, “What are you looking at?”

I said, “Nothing.” We kept on walking and I saw a weird plastic toy thing that someone left in the sun and it got dried up. I got closer and closer and closer and saw that it was a jellyfish. My brother had an app that if you took a picture of something it told you all it knew about it and so my brother took a picture and it said,

“This rare jellyfish is one of the most deadliest jellyfish, yet this jellyfish is called a Man of War” my brother said.

“I don’t want to get close to that thing,” I said.

“I think it is cool” I went to go get my mom and dad and I got them to come and when we got back my brother had the Man of War in a pink shovel!
Going to Philly
By Caroline

One sunny morning it was a nice and warm day and I was going to Philly! When my mom was opening a door to a store I whispered ‘’Mom, why do we have to go to this store? I asked in a sad voice. When we were walking to the stores, there were leaves crunching ,crunching,crunching under my feet.

After my Mom and I left the dress store I was so happy I had a smile on my face. We were going to the library! When my mom and I got there I exclaimed ‘’Wow!’ The library was huge and very colorful and bright and as big as a mall. When I walked in really slowly I went in the elevator and it was very tall!

My Mom said excitedly, “This place is ginormous! Let’s go in the elevator.” We went upstairs and I was looking at all the things there. There was so much to look at. When we got to the cafe I got a chocolate muffin that was as big as a giant and as good as a lollypop.

Ten minutes later my mom whispered, “Let’s go back downstairs.” My mom and I were looking at a book that was very colorful and it gave information about colors. People downstairs were looking at books, and I asked my mom if we could go back to Philly. Again I whispered, “ That was a day to never forget.”
Hanging Up the Sold Sign
By Cameron

Early one June morning, I was walking around the big empty house, when I heard Gavin screaming loudly!! I could smell the fresh gooey egg and cheese sandwiches for breakfast. Klomp klomp went Gavin’s shoes on the floor. “Mom do we have to go?” I asked sadly.

“Yes, honey it’s the only way Dad will keep his job.” Mom said sweetly.

“Om dojo komichiba lolo cofta policy komichi uterda mojodojo!” Gavin yelled randomly.

“Time for breakfast,” Mom announced in a kind way.

“Wow! This is so good!” Gavin blurted with his mouth full from egg and cheese sandwich.

A few minutes later…


It was coming from the door, as I crept over, it crept open… there was Jamie! “Phew!” I thought to myself.

“Hi, Cameron!” Jamie told me.

Afterwards Jamie and I went outside to play.

10 minutes later came a heavy rock hard pounding on the door. As we opened the door there was the real estate agent and under her arm was a big blue sign that said sold in bold white words.

It was warm out in the big green front yard the sun was shining and I was sweating.

I was quivering with fear as I thought to myself “What will Haddonfield be like?”

It was as nerve-wracking as going on a rollercoaster for your first time. Before very long I was in the car driving away. “Bye, Jamie!” I yelled out the window.

And that was a day that I’ll never forget. Having done that I don’t want to do it again.
New Earrings
By Emily

“Mom,” I cried, “I’m nervous” ,I told my mom.We walked into Sweet & Sassy to get my ear pierced.The smell of perfume, shampoo, and nail polish filled the air.

“Bleh!”My mom said disgusted,”It smells like the medicine we package at my work!”

We walked up to the front desk as my brother went to the bathroom with his fingers pinching his nose. The lady at the desk told me to pick out earrings.

Then, I walked to the table with all the earrings. I picked out royal blue, as pretty as a poodle, gem earrings.The label said that the earrings were December birthstone.”Perfect!”I thought,”My birthday is in December.”

I told the person at the counter which earrings I wanted.She took them out of the case a put them in GUNS! Now I was stuttering,”M-M-M-Mom w-what are th-th-they going to do.”

“There’s nothing to worry about dear.”

I immediately thought I was going to die.Even though my mom tells me I’m tough a lot of the time.

By that time the other piercer was out, telling me to scoot back in the big, pink, comfy chair I sat in.Needles were poking my ears.”Ouch ,”I calmly but truly said.

“Are you ready?”she asked.I nodded, suddenly I heard BAM!

“Owwwwwwwwwwww!”I shrieked as loud as I could ever scream.I felt my ears there were studs of gem on them!My mom told me not to touch my earrings.

I screamed of joy,”My ears are pierced,I’ve been waiting 3 years.Yes!”

My mom went to the counter to get my ear solution.

After a while she came back she said,”I’m going to get that stuffed turtle you wanted at the front desk”

“Zippy,that’s what I’m naming it. Zippy, come to me,” I excitedly said.He was a forest of green,huge,and cute as kitten.I hugged Zippy as the same lady from the front desk gave me a lollipop.I was as happy as a person getting money.

I suddenly thought,”Dad’s going to freak out.”But I didn’t care.



The 3H Crew used the data they have been collecting in order to experiment and identify an unknown chemical. Some of the experiments they conducted were: watching for reactions when iodine, vinegar, and red cabbage juice were mixed with their mystery chemical. The students used what they learned to correctly identify the chemical. Be sure to ask a member of the 3H Crew if you want to learn what the mystery chemical is!


Walking Trip to Greenfield Hall

To help us understand the history of our town, the 3H Crew walked to and toured Haddonfield Historical Society’s headquarters, Greenfield Hall. Greenfield Hall is an impressive brick house that was built in 1841 by John Gill, IV. While touring, the class saw many artifacts and got a feel of what Haddonfield was like in the past.
Here some of the 3H Crew members are peering into Elizabeth Haddon’s actual mirror!
How do you like our toothless smiles? Students were demonstrating how toothless people smile when their portraits were painted. Notice the wonderful portrait on the wall!
Greenfield Hall was filled with treasures!

The basement was filled with antique tools. They were really cool!
Thanks to the Haddonfield Historical Society Docents who shared their knowledge with us! We had a great trip!

Newsflash! 3H Crew Members Visit a Planetarium

The 3H Crew was lucky enough to go to the Edelman Planetarium at Rowan University on Monday to learn about the Solar System. As a way to show what they learned, the 3H Crew was asked to write a news article about the trip. They did a great job and were very creative…

We had podcasters:

Reporters live at the scene:
File_000 (5)

Reporters from the New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and The Tatem Tribune:

There were reporters from Action News reporting from the station:

We even had a radio personality reporting about our trip!

This was definitely a fun way to share what we learned from our field trip. Well done, 3H Crew!

History Detectives at Work

Our local historical society sent over some historic artifacts for the 3H Crew to study. Unfortunately, five of the artifacts had lost all identification information. Never fear, the 3H Crew is here and they took on the challenge to photograph the unknown artifacts, predict what the items were, conduct research, and report their results using PicCollage. Below are some of the results:














Highlights from the Open House

Open House was a huge success! The 3H Crew did an awesome job transferring our classroom into the Fairy Tale Kingdom of Wasabia. It was great watching the members of the 3H Crew act as tour guides and show their family and friends all of the projects inside and outside of our classroom. If you were unable to make it to the Open House, or if you just want to relive the moment, please enjoy this slideshow showcasing some of the Open House highlights.

Open House Slide Show and Commercials

I hope you will enjoy this slideshow that was created for our annual Open House. During the slideshow are commercial breaks. The 3H Crew made instruments as a part of our Science Sound Unit. Since we were in the process of writing our own Fairy Tale inspired stories at that time, I told the students that their instrument should make an appearance in their fairy tale. To help us practice persuasive writing, each student also wrote and starred in a commercial persuading the audience to buy their instrument. (Warning…all phone numbers and web sites are fictitious, so at this time, you will not be able to purchase any of the instruments in the commercials!) Enjoy!

Landmark Game Results

The members of the 3H Crew learned so much while working with their 5th grade partners from Mrs. Bushey’s class while participating in the 2016 Landmark Games. After much research, we sent our guesses to Mr. Smith, the project coordinator and were thrilled to find out that we came in 3rd place by correctly identifying 17 out of the 21 landmarks. Congratulations to Team Huseman (Hannibal, Missouri) and the Siberian Owlets (Krasnoyarsk, Russia) who tied for 1st place by correctly identifying 19 of the landmarks and Team Funny Kids (Kalachinsk, Russia) for placing 2nd with 18 correct landmark identifications.

This was a very challenging and rewarding adventure, and the 3H Crew loved teaming up with 5th graders, as Team Tatem Tigers, to participate in this global contest. Thanks again to Mr. Smith for making it all happen!

landmark 3rd place

Here you see Team Tatem Tigers at work!


The Landmark Games Have Begun! Update!

File_000 (1)
The 3H Crew is excited to be teaming up with Mrs. Bushey’s 5th grade class and participating in the Landmark Games. We will be competing against 20 other classes from around the world. To be a part of this project, each team (We are the Tatem Tigers!) has to pick a landmark from anywhere in the world and become an expert about that landmark by doing research. The next step is for the students to write 9 clues about the landmark. One clue must have a relevant date; another must be a hemisphere clue; and a third clue must relate either to the longitude or latitude of the landmark. We sent our clues to the Project leader, Mr. Smith. Last week we were sent the 1st three landmark clues from all 21 teams and the research has begun. Each week the students are allowed to email one yes or no question about the landmark to each of the 20 teams. During the week we receive emails from other teams and reply to their questions about our landmark.

The second week of the competition is here and 3 more clues about each landmark have arrived. Team Tatem Tigers are working hard to find out where in the world the other landmarks are. The fifth graders are teaching the 3H Crew great research techniques and are helping them understand longitude and latitude.

We are in the 3rd week of the competition now and Team Tatem Tigers are hard at work tracking down the clues to see if they can find the answers to the landmark riddles.

Here are all of the clues…an you figure out where in the world these landmarks are?

Primary Group A – week 2 clues
(1A) Aban School 3 (World Explorers) Aban, Russia
1. The end of XX century
2. Fairy tale
3. 37 houses
4. Matamata city
5. It was a farm
6. Often visited
7. It is the park
8. The army helped
9. Very popular film

* (2A) Antona Ingolica Spodnja (Turbo Einsteins) Zgornja Polskava, Slovenia
1. This landmark was built in 1895.
2. First it was grey, that it changed into green-white-red, then it changed into red and now it is grey again.
3. There was a star at the top, but now, there is a flag with the number.
4. It’s in the Northern Hemisphere.
5. it is made of iron and zinc coated sheet steel.
6. It is 1.9 metres tall.
7. You can find this landmark between 14 and 15 degrees East longitude.
8. It is a storm shelter.
9. It stand on 2864 metres above the sea level.

(3A) Barneveld School (Geography Gators) Barnveld, Wisconsin
1. It is located in a remote desert.
2. It was created accidentally about 45 years ago
3. It was first named for a nearby village.
4. Some say it contributes to global warming.
5. About 12,000 people visit it every year.
6. A Canadian is the only one to have ever entered it.
7. It’s an opening, and it’s not heaven.
8. It is around to 30 degrees north
9. A strange heat-loving bacteria is the only thing living inside it.

(4A) Blacksburg New School (Purple 6) Blacksburg, VA
1. It is on the same longitude as Riverside County Fire Station Number 33, Palm Desert
2. Construction began more than 600 years ago.
3. It is not in the same hemisphere as Cabo de Hornos National Park.
4. 14 years in the making.
5. 8704 chambers
6. Most of its roof is made of yellow tile.
7. Over 8 million people pass through its gates each year.
8. Mulan visited here.
9. Covers 720,000 square meters.

(5A) Choice Learning Academy (Team Full Circle) Newburyport, MA
1. The structure was designed in 1947 and opened in 1967.
2. It contains 886 tons of stainless steel.
3. The cost to build this was $13,000,000.
4. The initials for the main architect are E.S.
5. It is 630 ft. tall.
6. It is the tallest man-made monument in the Western Hemisphere.
7. It was built as a monument for westward expansion.
8. When in observation area, you can see up to 30 miles if the weather permits and the sky is clear!
9. Partial Coordinates: 38.62452 degrees N

(6A) Alexander Doniphan Elementary (Kesner Class)
1. It is over 2 acres in size.
2. Tons of granite was used in the construction of the site.
3. The landmark is named after a war general.
4. The landmark’s construction was paused multiple times.
5. The landmark is in the Northern Hemisphere.
6. At an event that occurred at the landmark there was a death.
7. The landmark is currently a national monument for it’s country.
8. This landmark construction began in 1829.
9. The landmark is between 30 – 40 degrees North.

* (7A) Alexander Doniphan Elementary (McArtor Class)
1. I can withstand an earthquake
2. Found between latitude coordinates 30 – 40 degrees North
3. I held a record until 1964
4. The landmark’s name can be deceiving.
5. Many people did not want this landmark built
6. Found in the Western Hemisphere
7. Almost a mile in length
8. The landmark’s construction took 4 years
9. The landmark’s development took the lives of 11 people

*(8A) Eugene Field School (Team Huseman) Hannibal, MO
1. One cost $12-14,000
2. Five pole limit
3. Between 40 and 50 degrees
4. Peppermint was the first
5. Began in 2009
6. Northern Hemisphere
7. Put them on the roof
8. A grocery store used to stand on the lot.
9. Fourth Street is home to all but one.

* (9A) Gimnasium #1 (Team 8B) Kalachinsk Omskaya Russia
1. It was the Kremlin
2.You can find it between 50 and 60 degrees east longitude.
3. The height is 35 m.
4. 40 figures
5. laurel wreaths
6. women
7. 400
9. granite

*(10A) Gymnasium 14 (Siberian Owlets) Krasnoyarsk, Russia
1. It’s bizarre and even creepy.
2. As if you were in a Grimm’s fairy tale.
3. It’s in Eastern Hemisphere.
4. Plenty of doors, hallways, balconies and staircases.
5. You can live here but not for free.
6. 11.941667° North
7. Ex-president of this country with a population of more than 90 million inhabitants is somehow connected with this landmark.
8. Animals and insects gave their names to some elements of this landmark.
9. This landmark was created in 1990.

(11A) J.Fithian Tatem Elementary (Tatem Tigers) Haddonfield, NJ
1. Our landmark is not in the same hemisphere as a statue of a lady, a torch, and a book.
2. Our landmark’s latitude and longitude add up to 213.
3. A century before 65 miners was trapped in a mine in Mexico, the government tool over the administration of our landmark.
4. Our landmark is partially made out of shells.
5. Our landmark is continuously lit.
6. Our landmark was given back to the descendants of the original owners.
7. This landmark has similar materials as the La Zaplaz Formations.
8. Part of its name means water.
9. A fungus can be found in our landmark.

*(12A) Kalachinsk Gymnasium #1 (Team Boss) Omsk region, Russia
1. Manmade
2. The symbol of the city.
3. Its creator was born in Uzbekistan.
4. The wife of local governor.
5. The end of millennium.
6. 96% of tourists visit it.
7. 60 N according to the nearest 10.
8. It’s holding a book
9. 1.6 m high.

(13A) Kalachinsk Grammar School#1 (Funny Kids) Kalachinsk, Omsk, Russia
1. White marble.
2. In the heart of the city
3. More than 100 meters high.
4. 14th century.
5. Statue of Madonna.
6. Gothic style.
7. Completed in 20th century
8. 45 degrees N.
9. The Pope opened it.

(14A) Oakwood Elementary (Team McGuire) Hannibal, MO
1. Goats live nearby.
2. Our landmark has a nip to it!
3. Our landmark is known to be greedy.
4. Hammacher Schlemmer offers a smaller version similar to our landmark.
5. Our landmark is not in the southern hemisphere.
6. It is a king!
7. Erykah Badu sings of its altitude.
8. It is believed to have been placed in its current location in this century.
9. Our landmark’s latitude is between 10-70 degrees

(15A) Pakenham Lakeside Primary (PLPS Warriors2) Pakenham, Australia
1. In the same hemisphere as this year’s Olympics
2. I shine bright at night
3. Allow 30 minutes when visiting
4. 40 storeys high
5. Situated between 30-45’ South
6. It has spokes but does not speak
7. 30,000 Lego blocks were used to build a model.
8. Opened in 2008 and closed 40 days later
9. Twinkle twinkle …

(16A) Pakenham Lakeside Primary (PLPS Marvels) Pakenham, Australia
1. Landmark is in the same hemisphere as Madagascar
2. You can leap 192 metres!
3. Volcanoes and glaciers are found in this country
4. Mother Teresa died in the year this landmark was built
5. The elevators have views
6. In 2009 a German man ran up the 1,267 steps in 4 mins 53 seconds!
7. On a clear day you can see 82 kms (51 miles)
8. This landmark is in a major city and is located between 35 and 45’ South.
9. Kia Ora!

(17A) Privokzalniy 3 (Achinsk Falcons) Achinsk, Russia
1. This landmark is not far from the most southern point of the continent.
2. A famous annual sport event is held in this landmark.
3. You can find the biggest coral reef in the world to the North-East of the landmark.
4. The continent the landmark is situated on has a unique flora and fauna.
5. The landmark is in the southern hemisphere.
6. The landmark can be found between 130 and 160 degrees East longitude.
7. In this landmark summer Olympic Games were held.
8. In 1891 a severe economic crisis began in this landmark.
9. This landmark is the former capital of the country.

(18A) Secondary School #5 (Chatterboxes) Krasnoyarsk, Russia
1. Located in the Northern hemisphere
2. Almost the same longitude as Shannon, Ireland
3. Construction started in 1904
4. Inspired by Dante
5. Purgatory, Hell, Paradise
6. The Italian architect was the owner’s friend
7. A well, but never stored water
8. Palazzo Contarini Minelli dal Bovolo inside out and upside down
9. See a famous mystical sign and the owner’s heraldy at the bottom

(19A) Secondary School #5 (Freestylers) Krasnoyarsk, Russia
1. Located between 82° E and 93° E Northern Hemisphere
2. A mysterious chain
3. 5 close and 3 apart
4. The First is about 70 meters high
5. Burial sites at the bottom of the Fifth
6. Paintings are over 3,000 years old
7. An amphitheater? Do you hear throat singing?
8. An ancient observatory? Another Stonehenge?
9. 16,000 years old. Nearly 30,000 of them

*(20A) Toorloo Arm Primary (TAPSters) Lake Tyers Beach, Victoria, Australia 1. It is the home of white sharks and blue fin tuna.
2. It is in the southern hemisphere.
3. It was naturally formed.
4. It was first encountered by European explorers in 1627.
5. It is a tourist attraction.
6. It stretches for hundreds of kilometres.
7. It is 60 – 65 meters high.
8. It is located at 31 degrees 4 minutes S and 129 d
9. It is the largest indentation on a country’s coast.

(21A) Northwest Middle School (Team Manzella) Reading, PA
1. connected 20 million years ago
2. can rise up to 45 meters
3. UTC + 10
4. country’s flag is red, white, and blue
5. in the southern hemisphere
6. near Princetown
7. Great Ocean Road
8. in a national park
9. earlier had a different name

Valentine’s Party

The wonderful 3H Crew room parents had an amazing party for our class today. There were 4 stations: a cupcake decorating station, a “Minute to Win It” station, a snacking station, and a mystery station that I was not allow to see. The 3H Crew had an awesome time as you can see from the photos below. Thanks again room parents for all you do for our class!

Cupcake Decorating!






Minute to Win It!







Snacking Station



Valentine’s Party Fun!


Global School Play Day!

Today was Global School Play Day. This day was inspired by Peter Gray who states that today’s kids do not grow up playing enough. He believes that not enough time playing can have a negative impact on kids. To help rectify this, the 3H Crew brought in a variety of things to play with for our “play time” this afternoon. The only rule was that there were no screens or batteries allowed.
As you can see there was a lot of activity in our classroom!
“The definition of play is to have a good time, have fun, and be yourself” Jack G.
“I think that it is important to play because it gives us energy.” Sammy
“My favorite part of GSPD2016 was playing with your friends because you could share the fun with the people you know.” Hope

“My favorite part was playing with my friends because you get to learn about who they are and have fun!” Olivia M.
“I learned that playing a new game is fun because you get to know the game and you might like it.” Molly

“Today I learned teamwork and why it is important.” Cameron
“My favorite part of GSPD16 was playing Heads Up because it was funny when we found out what the word was.” Madison
“I think it is important for kids to play because kids need to be happy.” Olivia F.
“It is important for kids to play because kids get to have time to talk about stuff.” Caroline
“It is important to play so we can have fun because if we don’t play, our life would be boring.” Will
“It is important for kids to play so that kids can have fun and socialize.” Kai

Just Another Week…

Here’s just a peek at some of the goings on with the 3H Crew!

We have been learning about sound in science. Here we are conducting an ear drum experiment. Do you know why the salt is bouncing up and down?

ear drum pic

In math we have been learning about the attributes of polygons. We like doing “desk math”.


This week’s pod-casters and their guests are recording the 3H Crew Powerful Podcast #3.



We celebrate kindness by writing kind acts on slips of paper. The “Kindness Chain Caretakers” add these slips to a kindness chain in our room.

During our 3H News Break, our host leads the class in a Power Pix review. The host chooses one word from each Power Pix grid, so the class reviews important math, reading, and writing vocabulary words daily.


Here the class is enjoying hearing the latest podcast. Well done pod-casters!

Honored by the Board of Education

Last Thursday night, the 3H Crew was invited to the Board of Education meeting. Every member of the 3H Crew and their families were able to come to the meeting. Here are some of the 3H Crew waiting for the meeting to begin.


The 3H Crew watched while new board members were being sworn it.

Now the moment we were waiting for…our principal, Mrs. Schultz shared with everyone at the meeting some of the many accomplishments of this 3H Crew. She talked all about the Global Monster Project and how our monster, Bobby Wasabi, got the most votes from the Global Monster participants and was chosen as the top monster. She also shared that our blog won the Edublog award for Best Class Blog. She told the audience that we also participated in the Global Read Aloud, the Hour of Code, and International Dot Day.

The 3H Crew were recognized as Global Amabassadors! Here we are with Mrs. Schultz, our principal; and Dr. Perry, the Superintendent of Schools. The 3H Crew members felt very honored to be recognized by the Board of Education. (if you look closely, you will see that even Bobby Wasabi made it the the board meeting!)